Bi - Bim


Bi - Bim


Enjoy the exotic sweet and bold Korean flavors of toasted sesame, lime, fish sauce, and rice wine vinegar with a lick of red chili pepper heat! Pour Bi-Bim Soss on everything from global fusion to scrambled eggs to leftover pizza — because everything tastes better with Soss.

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The people here at Hoss Soss headquarters love hot sauces, especially hot sauces that love us back (we can savor their yummy flavors without burning our faces off!) We've taken that love and mixed it with our love of international travel to bring you our flagship flavor, Bi-Bim Soss. This sauce is inspired by the traditional Korean dish "bibimbap," a hot stone bowled filled with rice, pickled vegetables, and meat and topped with a fried egg. So good! Our bold, bright Bi-bim Soss brings an addictive burst of exotic flavor to every bite. Fan favorites include chicken, rice and veggies, noodles, tacos, eggs, and anything else you can put in your mouth.

INGREDIENTS: water, soybean oil, sugar, tamari soy sauce (water, soybeans, rice, salt), fish sauce (anchovy extract, salt, sugar), red pepper powder, toasted sesame oil, garlic, rice wine vinegar, cayenne pepper, lime puree (lime juice concentrate, water, pulp cells, lime oil, ground peel), xanthan gum. 

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