Our mission at Hoss Soss is to create unforgettable sauces that are packed with addictive flavors first – the flame that follows is simply an added bonus! We want Hoss Soss to be your go-to sauce, the bottle you grab when you open the fridge one last time before sitting down to a delicious plate of tacos, a bowl of noodles, or a cold slice of last night’s leftover pizza.

We use high-quality ingredients and care in producing our sauces, and you can taste the difference on your food. When you pour on any one of our bold, bright Hoss Soss flavors, you’ll taste our original blends of roasted vegetables and spices first, then savor the slight chili pepper kick that follows. Use Hoss Soss on anything you eat (our favorites are tacos, eggs, chicken, beef, pork, pizza, vegetable bowls and everything in between!) and remember:

We put the flavor in the flame!

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